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What happens if you fall ill and cannot attend our function?

We have 3 fully trained people ready to step in at a moment's notice. I have never missed a function in 30 years.

What happens if your equipment breaks down?

We carry two of everything. There is not one item that could fail that would prevent us from playing.

What happens if your van breaks down?

We use a new Mercedes Sprinter van that is regularly serviced and have full AA relay just in case.

Why are you more expensive than other mobile disco's?

We believe that as with anything you get what you pay for. We offer a higher than average disco therefore the price will reflect this.

A guest at our party suffers from epilepsy, will your lights affect him?

We always ask in advance if strobe lighting can be used.

I don't want you turning up in jeans & T-shirts

DJ and crew will arrive in black sign written polo shirts for setting up and change into dinner suits ready for the start of the function.

Can I be sure you will get everybody dancing?

With our experience and vast CD collection we would read the crowd and play the right music at the right time.

Can you play special requests?

We encourage guests to make dedications and distribute request forms and pens on the tables.

What happens if you get a 'better offer' on the day we have booked?

Once we have received your completed booking form and deposit, we send you a receipt and written confirmation. From then on the day is yours.

I don't want you setting up your equipment whilst our guests are eating.

Because our show is somewhat larger than the average disco, we would set up prior to your guests' arrival at the venue. It takes us about 2.5 hours to set up so it would not be practical to march in after the meal and try to set up.

My mum is worried it's going to be too loud.

This is a very valid question; there is nothing worse than hearing the distorted sound of bass echoing across the hall. Our sound system is very powerful but crystal clear. I am honestly say we are very rarely asked to turn the volume down. But of course we do have a volume control.

We have not booked a toastmaster; can you make any necessary announcements?

Because our equipment will already be set up in the hall, we are more than happy to make any announcements.

In fact we provide a Toastmaster service from welcoming the guests, the grand entrance of the Bride & Groom, speeches & cake cutting right up to the first dance.

Can we be sure you'll have our 1st dance request?

We will contact you in advance to find out things like your 1st song. In the unlikely event of us not having you choice we would purchase a copy or if you had a copy ask you to bring it along on the day.

Can we book just karaoke?

Karaoke is offered as an optional extra to the main show and is not available for hire separately.

We have a mixture of young and old; can you cater for all ages?

Gemini Sounds has built its reputation in the wedding & Barmitzvah market by ensuring that all your guests are musically satisfied. From grand parents to nephews we guarantee music for all tastes.

Can I see you play somewhere before I make a booking?

We are happy for you to do this, however you don't get the full picture just poking your head around the door. We would be happy to give you a list of functions we are playing at in your area, then you can contact my client and ask them if they mind you coming to have a look.

Can I give you a list of songs I want played?

Again we encourage this, it's a great help to us to have an idea of what type of music you like

Is your stage show too big for our venue?

Basically the more space we have the more equipment we can put up. All our lighting is mounted on trussing so takes up little floor area. We can trim down for the smaller venue.

Our hall is fitted with smoke detectors and has a noise limiter, how will this affect you?

Our light show is truly spectacular with a puff of haze, some venues have smoke detectors fitted on the ceiling and don't allow use of haze. It's worth asking if the detectors can be isolated. If this is not possible the lights still look great.

A few venues have a noise limiters fitted. This can be a problem if they are set too low ie 92Db. Recommend you check with venue, if set around 98Db there shouldn't be a problem.

We have had major problems with sound level monitors at a few venues recently. Shenley Cricket Club, Murrey Hall in Loughton, to name but two. We have decided to refuse to play at certain venues fitted with limiters set at a ridiculously low level. Our advise to anybody looking to book a venue is to avoid any hall with a noise limiter. there are exceptions, ie Forty hall in Enfield has a limiter but is set sensibly as is Holiday Inn Newbury Park. Please feel free to call me for more info.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The short answer is as soon as possible. We do not sub contract work out to other DJs and only run one show. We are currently taking bookings for 2015/2016.

To avoid any disappointment reserve your date now.

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